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June is the newest addition to our practice, she is a 2 year old English Cream Golden Retriever, and is in training to become a therapy/service dog!  She has  LOTS of energy, so her training  is  a slow process!


Professional Counseling  for Individuals, Family, Marriage and Divorce


Harmony J Moses MA, LPC 

What are clients saying about their therapy experience?

​Harmony "brings her 'A' game every time."        H.J.

"Harmony is an absolutely phenomenal therapist! She is not just a 'make you feel good' therapist who tells you what you want to hear to feel better. She challenges you, turns your questions back to you in order to give you tools to work through things yourself, and helps you maintain focus of the real issues. Harmony provides motivation and encouragement, reminding you that you do have the strength to do the work on yourself and your relationships."   M.B.

"Harmony has been a positive influence in my personal and professional life since I began sessions in 2016. She's very easy to talk to and if you don't like to talk, then she will peel it out of you just like she did me!"      A.A.

You've found your way to help, and have taken the first step towards change! There is always hope, you don't have to go through this alone! If you are considering therapy, you've found the right place. Therapy is for everyone!

What is therapy?

To put it simply, therapy (or counseling) is a safe and confidential place where you are professionally guided to process whatever you're struggling with. The benefit to professional help is that we are highly trained and educated to push you further and deeper to look at how you deal with life on many levels- mentally, emotionally, through choices and behaviors, perception, interpersonally and relationally, etc. We all often get stuck in old or dysfunctional ways of thinking and feeling, which leads to a lot of difficulty for us. Therapy is a process and one of the greatest investments you can give yourself to grow! I still believe in the art of good things take time, or as Miranda Lambert said "It's all only worth as much as the time you put in".

Let's talk about it!

I'm all about looking at things analytically and logically while uncovering the emotional side, I think it takes both skills! I'm passionate about helping when life throws curve balls, and I believe the most change can occur when we are the most uncomfortable. I understand the different challenges in relationships, and how stressful life can be. Let's uncover your strengths and navigate your way to self awareness, healing, and peace.